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Our Products

Mobile App

Our user-friendly mobile app allows end-users to search, compare, and book a taxi ride easily, providing a convenient and efficient way to find the best transportation option for their needs.

  • Customer App
  • Admin App
  • Instant booking alerts
  • Invoice
  • Reports

Developer API

Our API offers Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) access to our extensive taxi inventory across multiple countries, enabling them to offer a wider range of transportation options to their customers. This provides a seamless experience for their users and makes it easy to integrate with their own platform.

  • Easy Implementation
  • Secure
  • API Document
  • Setup Support

Booking Widget

Our customizable booking widget is a popular solution for event companies and hotel chains, allowing them to offer a branded booking interface directly on their website. This makes it easy for their customers to book a taxi ride without leaving the website, providing a more streamlined and convenient experience.

  • Workshop
  • Conference
  • Concerts
  • Game events

Web Portal

Our easy-to-use web portal provides corporate clients with a cost-effective solution for managing transportation expenses and ensuring employees have access to reliable and convenient transportation.

  • Customer Portal
  • Admin Portal
  • Instant booking alerts
  • API Document
  • Setup Support

At Book My Ride, we pride ourselves on our commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and customer service, making us a top choice for users and businesses looking for a reliable, efficient, and environmentally conscious transportation solution.